Zwave devices sometime not respond


Today i had a problem with al my zwave device. 2 door/window sensor and 1 motion sensor and a switch.
Sometimes the didn’t respond. I had to close and open the door a couple of times before the door sensor responded.

Does anyone know a solution for this and how this could happen?

Observing similiar issues. Check if the batteries are empty. Solved that issue for me.

Thanks for the tip. I will try that.

But i find it strange that the batteries are already empty. Because i bought it last october. so it a half year in use.

Yeah, no shit. My device was not even half a year old either. I suspect that the included battery was not in a good condition to begin with. The much bigger problem is. After I checked the battery values Homey shows for all the sensors, I found that they all show the charge they had at pairing time. So the battery monitoring does not work. At least with the Fibaro app. I did not find out why yet though.

The batteries are always a problem, you can find the topic in various forums.
Reasons for a fast emptying can be a too frequent waking up of the device or a bad signal reception. But the battery runtimes stated by the manufacturer are also rarely reached (my experience).
If you measure the voltage of a battery normally with a multimeter, the determined value does not say anything. The measurement must be carried out under a small load (approximately the same load as the sensors). If the batteries are still ok, the voltage remains the same, if the batteries cause problems, the voltage drops significantly.
In the forum of (unfortunately only in German) you will find further information on how to check a battery:

thanks for the reply.

I ordered some batteries. I will change them and let you know how it went. :slight_smile:

i’ve replaced the batteries. but that didn’t help.

What did help was adding the device unsecured. :slight_smile: