Zone activity and hallway lamp

Hi all.
I use zone activity in my hallway to switch my hallway lamp on or off. This works great.
I also want my hallway lamp to switch on when I open the door or when somebody rings my doorbell. This works great.
However I’m having issues to switch the hallway lamp off when it was triggered by the door opening or the doorbell ringing. When I’m at home the zone activity kicks in. Because I enter the hallway to open the door. But how am I able to switch the lamp off when there is no zone activity triggered. I added a virtual button to start a flow to switch the lamp on. The best solution I can think off is to have a card available that sets zone activity. But I can’t find that option or it’s not available. Thanks inadvance.

You want to turn off lamp after several seconds when there was opened a door or doorbell ringed?
If yes, you’ll need a countdown timer app or any timer app.
Your flow:
When there is door opening or doorbell
If NO zone activity
Then start timer

Flow 2
When timer reaches 0
If NO zone activity
Then turn of light

Thank you. Will try this.