Z-wave secure network?

Why do Homey decide to include all the z-wave units as secure? There is no reason for motion sensors, wallplugs etc to be included as secure. Door locks and garage doors would be OK, but not the others. I can see that there are many people complaining about the bad z-wave reception in Homey. The biggest reason for this must be that everything is added as secured? Secure has limited distance from what I have heard, and it is also stressing the z-wave network more as it is sending information more often than normal inclusion. For instance when trying to include a Fibaro wallplug behind a wall, it won’t see it because it is too far away for the secure network to see it. Then you have to move it close to Homey and move it to the final destination after inclusion.

If everything is z-wave+ everythnig is included as secure devices. This is stressing out the network. A secure network is sending much more information than a normal network where the z-wave items is included as insecure.

Please explain why this is how it is done in Homey.
I have had both Home Assistant and Futurehome. Both advice that you should not include secure as it is stressing out the network.

It is also a nightmare to include nodes in secure mode:

4. Secure Z-Wave devices

All Z-Wave devices use data encryption by default. However, devices classified as Secure Z-Wave devices operate using the more secure 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128). This encryption cannot be used until the pairing process is completed. To continue to provide greater security, Secure Z-Wave devices use a low-power inclusion (transmission) mode, requiring them to be included within six feet of the controller. Examples of Secure Z-Wave devices are a Linear garage door controller and Schlage door lock.

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Hello, If i have fibaro Switches that are as secure, is there a way to make them non-secure without removing them and adding them again?

Not that i’m aware of. Adding non-secure is easy enough to add them through the wallie devices, but I think that’s only possible if the device is first removed.

Unfortunately that means rebuilding the flows.

I personally don’t think that’s so much work, cannot imagine that would imply rebuilding hundreds of flows, but for every one that’s a different story. It doesn’t mean the flow is completely gone, it just sits there with an exclamation mark.

Can you share a link with instructions on how to add them as Insecure? I looked on the web and in the community and did not find anything in English. I will at least remove the problematic ones and re-ad them.

thanks a lot.