X10 app request

I asked the support if/when they intended to add an x10 app to Homey and the answer was “you are the first one to ask for this app”.
So if you are concerned and wish an X10 app, please ask the support for it, so I won’t feel so lonely there :wink:



Hi John,

I’ve absolut no clue what X10 is, but:

  • a X10 app exists already, but just compatible with HP16-19, not with HP23. Don’t know if it’s the same like you’re talking about, but if, you may ask the developer if he is willing to upgrade his app to SDK3
  • there is a official website from Athom named Request A Brand where you can request brands and devices
  • there is a community topic named [Requests] Homey Pro Community App Requests where you can request apps

Just as additional info.

The current X10 app is indeed deprecated and doesn’t work on Homey pro 2023.
I (and many others) have already contacted the developper who doesn’t seem to be inclined to update it.

(fwi X10 is a prehistoric 433Mhz protocol used more than 20y ago and my 20+ devices are still works fine)

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I am also still using a lot of X10 devices (dont fix what aint broken).
And hoping for the app to be updated.

I am still migrating to homey 2023 and using homesh to connect my homey 2019 to the 2023 homey.
That way I can get the “X10” devices connected to homey 2023 (virual devices)

Not sure if @nattelip is planning to convert or willing to hand over the app

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