Value for X time

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Just want the coffee machine to say something nice after brewing the coffee. Also want to turn it off after an x period of no use. There is a z-wave plug measuring the energy, so that’s how I can measure when the coffee is ready.

Now I want to turn it off when the coffee machine is using less than 10W for say 15 minutes. How do I put this in a flow? I use now countdown timer in combination with logic (turn off if countdown = 0 and in use = 0), but there should be an easier way? Is there anyone with an idea?

This should help you. Get a notification when the washingmachine is ready

Same principle, different appliance.

That’s even possible without additional apps. I have a similiar scenario where the coffee maker is monitored based up on energy consumption change event. Mine is a bit more complex as I automatically choose whether to start making coffee or boil water in the morning depending on whether the coffee maker is prepared or not.

So what I use to monitor the coffee maker is the energy consumption changed event from the wallplug. It works with standard logic value comparison to find out whether it is active or in standby.
That is as simple as

I recheck whether the coffee maker should be turned off using a delay action card which triggers another flow handling that condition.
That way you don’t need to store anything in a variable or set up a time.