Turn of a Fibaro wall plug when a PC dual monitor has not been used since 30 minuts

Hi everybody,
I have a Fibaro wall plug that turns on / turns off a dual monitor when I use it (plugged to a PC using HDMI) / don’t use it (the PC is off). Everyday at 9AM, Homey turns the Fibaro wall plug on as I usually begin to use the screen while working between 9 AM and 9.30AM
I would like to add a scenario that would turn off the Fibaro wall plug in case the dual monitor is not used during maybe 45 minutes, ie there’s no power (or almost no power) during 45 minuts.
Please does somebody know how to do such a flow with a tunr-off after 45 minuts ?
Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

I think something like this should work

IF power changes
AND power is smaller then 10 (logic card) 10 is a example
THEN start a timer Monitor 45 minutes (timer app, countdown app)

IF timer Monitor is finished
THEN turn of powerplug monitor

IF power changes
AND power is greater then 30 (30 is a example)
THEN stop timer monitor.

You can also buy another smartplug and use it with the pc. Keep it eventually always on.
If power changes from pc and is bigger then 50, then turn on smartplug monitor.
And if power is smaller then 10( from pc) turn of smartplug monitor.

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Thaks Mike, I did not know these apps. I’ll try with Countdown

If you can install this app it should work.