Threads on "Forum" are lost?

making use of this new Community instrument aren’t we loosing all previous threads and discussions?
Is there a way this community platform can “remember” or recall previous discussions?

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The old forum will stay online for now, but has been made “read-only”. You can always check the old forum for old threads

OK Bram, thanks
so if an old post is not closed, should I open again here, right?

is it possible to activate the search option in the old forum ?

Yes. If you have an “official” app thread on the old forum I can add a link to the old forum to the thread on this forum:)

The search function is still active on the old forum. Unfortunately it is not possible to use the search function on this forum to search old topics on the old forum

Running the risk of looking folish (wouldnt be the first time :slight_smile: )
i cant fint the search option in the old forum any more

Sorry, my mistake! it is only visible to me (unfortunately).
I will have a look if I can activate it again, but I’m not sure if I’m able to

You can use in the google search box to narrow your search down to the old forum, try this in the search box for example: xiaomi aqara human body sensor

Or click:

And leave out forum.
So and you get the results of the old forum, blog, community, etc…