The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

Q: How exactly does the sattelite mode works with the new Homey Pro and the Homey Bridge?

I heard something in the Keynote about acting as a repeater.

Does this mean it will act as a regular repeater in the mesh for for example Z-Wave?
Or is it more like a repeater but bridged via WiFi or ethernet?

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Hopefully you will get answers on Athom’s Q&A later tonight.

= answered a few days back :upside_down_face: but will probably be discussed on YT

Hmm so maybe I should cancel:

  • speaker gone? kind of annoying but there are workarounds
  • led ring not usable any more? this is a bigger problem
  • no migration (for now) of old Homey Pro? wow, that is a big ask from your loyal customers
  • several popular apps not supported is a pretty big issue as well

What discounts are available for people who purchased the 2019 Homey Pro less than 90 days before the launch of the new Homey Pro?

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Q: How many homey pro will be shipped in December roughly ?
-less than 1000
-more than 10000

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No, it doesn’t

Q: is the new Zigbee chip now as good as the Deconz usb one and can it support more then 50 devices and firmware updates voor devices?

It might even be better, as it internally supports thread natively (and technically bluetooth, though that is disabled). (want to see more info, you can google the chip: EFR32MG21

Technically yes, it was answered in the AMA, go and watch :wink:

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I might have missed an answer, but was anything mentioned about this?

It wasn’t answered in the AMA no.
But technically the HCS is only there because some developers disagreed with how Athom handels some things/made decisions on what a certain developer needed to change on their app the developer didn’t want to do.

~85-90% of the apps currently in the appstore are already community based.
The only thing it needs to be a different protocol (Cloud/directly connected).
See the NodOn app (= community (Z-Wave) and official (ZigBee)) as example.
Though even that sometimes is ignored, just look at the amount of Yale apps.

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Hi I must have missed it, or it was not discussed in the live stream: we really need the option to take over abandoned apps by other community developers to do the SDK2>3 migration, to prevent some realy interesting apps (like mqtt) from becoming unsupported by the new HomeyPro.
Thanks Athom for making this possible.

It was mentioned in the AMA, and they applaud developers taking over “abandoned” apps, though they didn’t really mention, how to do so, but that is/was the same as it was from the start.
You should contact the developer, and if he/she doesn’t respond you can contact Athom Support.

Well, for MQTT it’s work in progress :wink:

MQTT Client is updated to SDK3, but it has speech permissions (-> unsure if it is allowed, but the app store says it runs on Pro 2023)

MQTT Hub is updated to SDK3

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I was thinking about buying a new Homey Pro, but after some research, I found that many apps are outdated. Take the Xiaomi / Aqara app for example. The last real update was almost a year ago. In the past year, new devices have been released that are still unsupported by that app.

Wouldn’t it be an idea for the Athom team to start motivating community developers a bit more to create and maintain apps? For example, by giving away free Homey Pros to developers who nicely maintain their app(s) (or some other financial support). In my opinion, rewarding community developers is still much cheaper than hiring staff. And right now, it seems that many community developers end up dropping out anyway.

I get that the Athom team would like manufacturers to do this, but this is still a bit of the chicken and egg story. Without users, manufacturers won’t spend time and resources on an app, and without good apps, people won’t buy a Homey. So to overcome this, the team could motivate developers in the community a bit more to develop and maintain their apps.

Of course, there are many happy Homey customers, but for me, it’s really a bummer to see all those outdated apps and for now, I sadly won’t buy an expensive device that won’t support the devices I need.


Didnt watch the AMA but was this question answered?

Yes it was answered:

As long as the app isn’t supporting Matter or Thread you can continue developing on your Homey Pro (Early 2016-2019)

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Thanx, worries for the future I guess …(at some point at least one of my apps will need support for matter while I’m not planning on buying a new Homey).