The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

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Hey Emile,

In the Device Capabilities App voor Homey users can create Advanced Virtual Devices for which they can set custom icons for the devices and also for the capabilities(!).
With the upcoming new Homey Pro, i need to find a way for users to migrate.
But the current device and capabilities icon paths refer to the /userdata folder.

How can i facility a migration to the new environment for the DC app?

Seeing how many users have this app installed in the recent months that the AVDs is live, i really want to (fully, including custom icons) support migration.
Also considering the VD app is the second-to-most used Tools App and is no longer maintained, so it will not work on the new Pro, i would really like to be able to get this app working on the new Pro, so people have something to transfer to.

All my apps are already sdk3, but, as far as i can tell, i need a way to a) have a local path available and be able to reset the iconpath for existing devices (or new ones if app developers can include a migration script or something) or b) set the icons of devices and capabilities directly with an icon from stream/memory/url/etc.

Using the ManagerImages cannot be used for this atm, because of dynamic urls and urls cannot be used, only paths (and there is the issue of the app loading after icons for devices and capabilities are loaded).

And, there are more apps out there that need a solution to the /userdata folder missing, if the want to support migration to the awesome looking new Homey Pro, like i do!

And yes, ofc DC and AVDs can and will be migrated, but if the icons are empty it would be kind of wierd and irritating for users.

N.b. For me it is not a big deal, i don’t (yet/really) use the AVDs myself, only develop it for others who want to use Homey as a Dashboard.
And with the Homey Controller/Satellite Apps i’m creating, other usaches of the /userdata is no longer an issue for me, i only want it on the satellites i’ll be having around the house! But there are quite a few other people who would probably love a migration and a functioning new AVD app.

N.b.2. And seeing how 86(!) people have already signed/liked the petition about this app, which is by far the most likes ever on this forum, it lookes to me that people really love to be able to fully customise there (virtual) devices.
So i really hope we can look for a solution together, willing to adapt and update my sourcecodes and apps.


Q: will you be able to swap the RPI4 2GB CM for an 8GB module?

note - yea migration from old pro should be really high priority… having to redo z-wave + zigbee networks just sounds super painful… and all the config / automation / history on sensors…

yea i’d say i will probably not upgrade until i can migrate, just too much work… i can just swap to something else then.


Q: will it be possible to use and early 2019 / early 2016 homey pro as satellite as well?

Q: can we use the early 2019 / early 2016 homey combined in a clever way? For example use the LED-ring and speaker from my current homey, and add most devices (zigbee / Z-wave etc) to the 2023 pro?


Just was about to ask the same. Would be a really nice recycling for the old one to use it at least as an additional antenna.
Also having the possibility to run old apps which are not (yet) supported on the new homey still on the old one would be great. That would of course need the possibility to share flows over multiple Homeys.


See here:

[Vote] Feature App: Connect 2023 to Old Homey for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource - Apps - Homey Community Forum

Emile already replied:


Transfer from « old » to « new » homey pro is definitely priority 1 for me too ^^. Don’t’ want to access all my zwave modules in my wall hehe


Q: Can you elaborate on the manual and local back-ups? If the usb-port is already in use by the ethernet accessory for example, how to connect then? Or do you need to use WiFi temporary?


the picture in the demo showed that…
Plug your Homey in your USB port of your PC, press the button on the bottom of the homey (to enter i think mtp mode) and use the build-in webinterface to connect and create a backup and store it on your PC

How it was mentioned it is not possible to create local backups as a schedule, only manually by hooking it directly to your PC.

I understand that, but that won’t work when the usb dongle is connected. :slight_smile: That’s why. Maybe, just simply take that out (without issues) but they’ll explain that.

Q: any way we can get back the custom led ring as we’re used to on our earlier Homey’s?

Q: can you help understand why older SDK’s are not supported anymore? I would love to have some kind of backwards compatibility feature for all those “legacy/ left behind” apps that lost their support from the developer but are adding a lot of value still to the platform? This way the community driven development is less impacted.


sure this works, you unplug homey and plug only the usb into homey and PC, now you connect directly to homey, no network needed.
Your PC will see homey as a drive, you can download the file manually to your PC…

As explained it is not an automatic backup system but a ‘emergency’ backup.

I agree this is not a nice way to do it, but i think the only way because you need to connect it directly. (your PC suplies the power and connection to homey in that case).

Q: is it possible to use/connect an USB-C hub (and connect devices to it)?


Q : does the new zwave ship is a zwave long range one ?

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But that means that Homey has no connection in the meantime and cannot control or access (WiFi/Cloud) devices. Anyway, let’s hear what they say about it.

If the backup would take an hour sure I would understand your question, but you need to remove the power twice anyway to connect the USB connection to your PC, even with the ethernet adapter connected you will still have a usb connection that you would need to connect to your laptop.
And it probably is in a special mode then anyway, without Homey being fully active.

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That’s correct. When Homey Pro is connected to USB to a PC and you pressed the pinhole, it’s in a special mode to read & write the entire flash storage. It does not start the regular Homey software such as apps etc.


Ah, now I get it. Since the usb serves for power at the same time. Forgot about that for a second. So, it’s more of a once in a while full back-up, which makes Homey unavailable for other tasks during the back-up. Thanks Emile and Caseda.

You charged 25€ for the advanced flows and now you are giving it for free with the new device.
If I would have known, I could have waited a few months and get it for free when buying your newer model…

+1 for migration from your old hub to the new one. I hate to reconnect all my zwave devices, some older ones just don’t pair that easily. I spent 3 full days moving zwave devices to Homey, I don’t want to lose those days again…

+1 for an integrated speaker. They cannot cost that much anymore these days?
Can I use a hammer on the old Homey 2019 model and reuse the speaker on the new one? :smile:


Hi Emile,

Q: I’ve a question about the new Zigbee chip. What is the maximum of zigbee devices and still have a stable network?