Ten years of Homey — Ask Me Anything 💬

In many cases, we’re dependent on the video streams and APIs provided by our partners. So the brands that make the camera’s.

Seems overly complicated, especially when a fair amount of the current camera apps that are available are community apps.

I would start with providing an SDK API similar to how images work now, just for video streams:

const myVideo = await this.homey.video.createVideo();

myVideo.setStream(async () => {
  const rtspURI = await myCamera.getRTSPUri(...);
  return rtspURI;

And/or start with a basic ONVIF-S/T implementation.


Of course, I know there’s been a lot of work done. And for the brands that use something like RTSP, it would work quite easily. But ideally we’d also like to be able to offer streams for brands that use something other than RTSP. Just know we are working on it :pray:


4 months of hard work, and still no test dashboard? :crazy_face: :grimacing:

Haha you found my LinkedIn.

I am sad to disappoint you. I am not working on homey dashboards. I am working on another project at athom.

Therefor hdashboards will remain to exist besides homey dashboards.

It will remain an independent system.



Can we have more options for guests? Like not swing the timeline would be great. As of today guests can see if users are at home or not. This poses a privacy risk

And in addition to live streaming, using MP4 for a video playback would be useful. Many camera systems also allow to load stored videos as MP4 or similar formats. So it would be cool to have this as SDK variant similar to images like Robert suggested.

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Why not trying to answer all questions raised in this topic? Athom asked for input for the AMA, but now nothing will be done with those questions.
A bit disrespectful, isn’t?
It aren’t that many questions. If you sit down for a couple of hours you can answer most of them and you have a more happy community.

Not really, as Abe mentioned, they will organize more of such events.

I don’t think it’s not about disrespect - I would say it needs time. Also as there will be more similar sessions, we can raise the questions again, yet this approach also opens kind of pandora box. You can’t satisfy always everyone, not all questions can be answered and not all answers will make us happy.

Just this thread and having Abe actively contributing here and AMA session itself I would say is fantastic progress towards to more happy community :wink:

This is a thing when you have 2 Homey’s (my way to get speech). When installing software, i can’t choose. So the request: Rename a Homey

This is already possible! Open up the Homey App > More > Settings > General and tap ‘name’ to change the name of your Homey :wink:


Thank you!

yeah, your project was one of the reasons i looked further than homey, thanks

Looking forward to seeing what you do with dashboards. I’d love to see it working on an iPad 2. I guess it’s a challenge to use new web tech and still be backward compatible. But I think there are many like me out there with an old tablet in a drawer that would be perfect for a dashboard.

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When will we have Z-wave Long Range like Hubitat?

When might there be ‘proper’ (Athom-developed and Athom-supported) apps (or better yet, browser-based UI) for heating scheduling and security alarm?

In pre-purchase dialogue with ‘Bram’ (an Athom co-founder?) in Mar 2018 it seemed these were ‘being worked on’, but never materialised.

Then somebody mentioned an app for heating that had been withdrawn, and then some community developers made their own versions, which unfortunately aren’t updated very often and remain with some long standing unresolved bugs.

Similarly, for security there was reference to an ‘official’ development, but nothing ever appeared, except another community app, which I see is popular among Homey technical enthusiasts, but suffers the same limitations as the heating schedulers from a normal person’s point of view in the sense that the UI is extremely cumbersome and complicated given the limitations of the app>settings real estate and UI available.

It really surprised me that Homey never got around to this, as both these 2 common/basic bits of home automation were built-into other home automation controllers like here and here, as out-of-the-box features.

Why would you think only Athom can write a proper Security Alarm?
Heimdall has been available long before anything in that area was remotely possible with Homey, it’s not ‘another’ app as you call it.


The two main problems with Heimdall are:

  1. it’s very complicated to understand, set-up and use, (probably because it’s limited in its UI to a bunch of settings in the settings part of the app and must be used with flows, etc.
    No disrespect intended to the developer for all the hard work, but It’s miles away from the ease of use of the manufacturer-developed UI from the competitor I referenced, and most unconstrained apps)

  2. It’s a community app, which - like all all other community apps - can at any time be withdrawn, or fall into lack of support because it relies on goodwill of the developer and community for continued development.

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Replace “community” by “Athom” and the same applies :man_shrugging:t3:


Thanks for sharing your opinion, luckily I know what opinions are like.