Sonoff zigbee supported?

Why will not sonoff zigbee door sensors or thermostat or motion sensors work with homey? I understand that sonoff WiFi units will not work but this uses zigbee 3.0 isn’t it supported in homey? I can connect them, but all I get is unknown zigbee unit. Anyway around it ?

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Every brand needs its own app, that includes all zigbee devices.
But you thought wrong, Sonoff wifi is supported by an app, sonoff zigbee devices though, have no app.
You could try asking the developer of the wifi app, though wouldn’t give that a very big chance of succeeding, or send in a request in the community to create an app.

Sonoff WiFi is supported if you flash them with tasmoto if I understand correctly?

Yup seems like it, it worked with original but support was killed by sonoff, still more support currently then zigbee though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there @Daniel_Olsen.
I’m on to it, that is I’m developing a Sonoff Zigbee app and hope to have it ready in a few weeks time.

(Robert have no plan to add Zigbee to the current app :slight_smile: )


This is great to hear!

I was literally just looking at these light switches on Amazon UK so its great to see a post only a day old about them too! :slight_smile:

First I need to check if I have a neutral wire in the switch box though as its one of the original rooms of the house.