Simple LOG App

Do you see something like this?

Adding text would take up a lot of scarse room… I’m hoping the icons are easy to understand.

this is what I see on PC, in the Homey preview app, it’s the same.
In a previous version it was OK

I’m on V2 and I see the icons.

Thanks for the screenshot.
The preview app doesn’t resemble the v2 app unfortunately. As I only have a v2 homey and the developers site is also end for v2, I’m getting headaches from the V2 conversion.
I’ll see what I can do.

I am using luckely homey 1.5.3 version, not planning to update to v2.x
In 1.5.3 the bigger font preset is not saved, hope this can be added.
Also the text around the check boxes are gone since the last update.

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Hi, Niels,

Have you read my HowTo: Integrate a “Homey-App Logger” to your App ?

What do you think about the “Homey-App - Logger” implementation ?

I still have some open points (see ToDo), could you implement them ?

THX Chris

No sorry I have not. My focus is elsewhere at the moment.

It’s a much requested feature. Unfortunately I can’t support both versions 1.5 and 2.0. And for 2.0 it’s arguably less important.

Why less important ? (I’m still on v1, sure until an iPad version has been released and the biggest bugs have been fixed …)


When i browse to:

I get a respond:
|error_description|“You need to log in to access this resource”|

How do i log in?

Probably using a bearer token. Haven’t tried it yet with v2. Authentication on Homey API’s all use this method.

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OK but how do i login then exactly?

When i use the link in a browser i get no login option at all, also i cannot find any setting where i can enter any kind of authentification.
And what login should i use then if it is not my athomid?
My Homey username/password?

Search on the forum for bearer token. That one should work if provided correct in the http request.
Note that with the latest update the token expires after one day.

It’s a code that needs to be provided in the http header. You can only get such a token after authentication on one of the Homey services.

Hi! I am using the app for quite a while now, to monitor my ‘Waakverlichting’ at night when I am not home to appear like I am at home. Only when exporting the date and time is in one cell with a T inbetween and a Z on the end. I would really like it if the export made separate time and date cells, like in my example.
Is that possible? :slight_smile:

Its ISO 8601 time format:
And I like it :slight_smile:

You can do a search and replace formula in a spreadsheet (Excel, LibreCalc,…), to make it your own time/date format.

Sorry for the late response. It’s indeed a standard. I haven’t specifically chosen it but comes native with nodejs. You could check if the sheet parser can add support for this time format so you can do interesting stuff with it.

Hi Niels,

I’m struggling to use your app within Homeyscript.
I don’t know if I can use a direct function or I need to call the API.

Long story short, how can I add a new logline to the log within Homeyscript including a log group.

Thanks in advance.

fixed it

let HomeyScript = await Homey.apps.getApp({ id: 'nl.nielsdeklerk.log' } );

HomeyScript.apiPut('addlog' , { log:'log_content', group: 'group_name'} );

Thanks for sharing!