Show variable on button in place of energy

Update to version 1.5.3.

Delete the device and recreate it (i changed to much ;))
Then set the status indicator to status.

Then you can set the status through a new actioncard:


The Zero (0) is needed to function correctly in the Mobile App.


Also, the mobile app doesn’t update correctly always: maybe we need a ticket for support from Athom.

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How did you got a text capability showing up in the device tile? As I know this is only possible for numeric capabilities?

This is really cool… it means i can add a short code to the button for “dishwasher” showing if it is running, cooling down or off….

Will test asap !

Really very cool!
Some examples:


But, it indeed doesn’t update well yet on it’s own. Closing and opening the app makes it updating:

Or selecting anothere zone/room and go back will also make it update.

I will send in a ticket to athom support. But since i am using a nondescript function/ hack to achieve the statustext, im not sure the will hurry to fix it :wink:

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Thanks again Arie! It works perfect on my dashboard, and for me that’s perfect.

Thanks for the hint to switch zones to make it update inside the mobile app.

Please note that i am working on a upgrade which would probably mean it is better to recreate the device after next update. (or recreate the fields through settings so flows don’t break)


Sounds promising. I would be happy to add one capability several times (measure_temperature or similar) with a unique description for each capability. This way it would be possible to combine more than one sensor into a virtual sensor.

Comming up next:
Fully configurable fields, 4 text, number, yes/no, and buttons.
And one status field (because setting this is a have resource and you can only select one Status Indicator).

All text, even in flows, are the one’s you give in the settings :slight_smile:


Change name to Status1



Anyone who could suggest/write a good Description voor this new devices for the Store description?
I am so bad at making clear what you can do with it, at least, if i can’t use images.

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Test version:

Updated because of a simple bug: 1.9.1.

One more bug for triggering the first button, fixed in test in 1.9.2.

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Hi Arie,

What an amazing improvements!

Did some more testing.
I added a v. device (v1.9.2), all went well.
But I can’t add another device :grimacing:

So I removed a few ‘old’ devices, restarted the app, but no difference.
It says ‘No new devices found’ or it times out after 30s.

Edit After removing the app and installing it again, I can add more than 1 virtual capability devices again :heavy_check_mark:

Similar results in the web app.

Will try.

m, il try to fix it.
Gonna eat now, going at it tonight again.

No hurries!

This is probably me beiing stupid but its not immeditely clear to me how to add a field/text/number to the device button… ?

Have a look at Advanced parameters…

I saw that… i can find how i change texts on the page you get after you open the device bu pressing the button… but i cannot find hoe to change the text on the button ?