Sensor reading conversion from python to JS?

I have a Edimax sensor i would like to connect to my Homey, but the only info i found is a python script.

I’m not a programmer, although normally i could read the code and sort of understand, and struggling to get it simplified or converted.

is there a way to convert or someone to point me in the right direction?

As far as I am aware, there are no tools to convert between Python and JS. So it is just a case of manually converting, which requires an understanding of the two languages.
Maybe you could provide a link to the Python code so we can see what is involved?

Ok yes I have seen possible conversions but when I see JS it looks completely different.

Here is the Python code located

I figured out some parts of it, but I need a good compiler with debugger or something. The whole searching for the device is too complex for me to understand via notepad++