[SDK3] Listing devices on settings page

I am developing a custom app and currently I’m working on the settings page. The settings page needs to show a list of all devices for the current app.
The settings page makes a call to retrieve the list:

Homey.api("GET", "/devices", async (error, result) => {
	if (error) return Homey.alert(error);

The api.js contains a mapped method called ‘listDevices’:

const util = require('util')

module.exports = {
	async listDevices({homey, query}) {
		console.log("API - List Devices");
		console.log(`ID: ${homey.app.id}`);
		const driver = await homey.drivers.getDriver("<my driver id>");
		let devices = await driver.getDevices();
		console.log(`Device: ${util.inspect(devices)}`);
		return devices;

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work. The log in api.js does show a list of devices, but the confirm-dialog only shows an id.
I also tried moving the retrieving of the devices to my app.js, but that didn’t make a difference. I also tried retrieving the device by the ID:

let deviceIds = driver.getDevices();
let devices = [];
for (let deviceId in deviceIds) {

But that results in an error: invalid_device_by_data.

I tried learning from other apps I found on Github. Some of those apps use ‘athom-api’, but that looks like a workaround to me.

What am I doing wrong here? I wouldn’t expect the retrieval of a list of devices for a driver to be this difficult.

After I found a different topic about debugging here, I did some debugging from VSCode (instead of adding more logging) and found out I just had to map the devices list to a list of IDs and names.
I guess that would work for the settings page.