[Requests] Homey Pro Community App Requests

What is the brand:

Zaptec see www.zaptec.com

What is/are the device(s)/service for type:

Wallbox (EV charger)

What kind of category/signal(s) would the app use:

Cloud API (“ZapCloud”)

Is there an (public) API / documentation / manual(s) or known (other) implementations (like Blogs/Github etc)?

Yes, API is fully documented see here:


GitHub - custom-components/zaptec: zaptec charger custom component for home assistant (Home Assistant integration)
The Swiss reseller (novavolt.ch) & Zaptec offers support and assistance with questions.

Are you willing to loan or donate to a developer?

  • Yes, I would grant access to my Zaptec Cloud. (Zaptec go in use)
  • Yes, I would assist with testing and other tasks.
  • Yes, I would negotiate with Novavolt for more test accounts if needed.


  • Yes, I would support the development with 200 Euro @rh_rh
  • Yes, I would support the development with Euros @Magnus_P

Extra information:

The API is very extensive. My focus is on the following points:

Prio 1:*

Set Loadbalancing.

The configuration of the power per phase defines the maximum power output which is available for charging the electric car. This is an officially supported feature of the API.

This function allows to individually control the charging based on the available power from a PV system. It also allows to prevent load shedding when too many end users (heating, etc.) are in operation at the same time as charging at certain times.

  • Current status (car connected, charging, no car connected etc.)
  • Current charge (kW)
  • Charging power (kWh)
  • Start / Stop charging process

Functionalities for authorization of loading processes (commercial) are out of scope.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me