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[APP][Pro] Ohmigo - Ohm On Wifi

What is the brand:

Your brand name.

What is/are the device(s)/service for type:

OHMIGO.ohmonwifi = Adds resistance output that can be used to replace any type of resistive temperature sensor, i. RTD like Pt100, Pt1000, Ni1000, NTC etc… with excellent accuracy from 68ohm to 9Mohm. In many applications it allows a replacement of te outdoor temperature sensor with a simulated temperature which can be calculated by Weather Data or other AI algorithms.
The OHMIGO.ohmonwifi device makes integration to existing heatpumps or controllers easy and possible.

What kind of category/signal(s) would the app use:

  • IP (Local WiFi);

Is there an (public) API / documentation / manual(s) or known (other) implementations (like Blogs/Github etc)?

Everyhing is available from www.ohmigo.io

Are you willing to loan or donate to a developer?

  • Yes, donate a device and money €/$/£