Old plugwise plugs to Homey


Ive been using plugwise via stretch for quite some time now, and ive also got a plugwise set that works with the source USB stick/software.

The Stretch plugs have a (HEX) ID of 6 characters and the source plugs have a ID of 6 characters. So the source plugs wont show up in the stretch.

So I would like to know if I can connect both types of plugs to the Homey. In that case I will consider buying one!

thanx in advance!!

Greetings Wester Devilee

I have connected this device: https://www.plugwise.com/nl_NL/products/plug directly to Homey. Is it the same plug?

I am not aware of Source or Stretch plugs. The website does not contain any information on those. They may be older products.


Have you already managed to link the stretch to Homey?
I can’t manage it, I used the various plugwise apps.
It is strange that the stretch within the Athom plugwise app has a circle logo.
When I try to add the stretch I get the error: “an unknown error has occurred”

Has anyone gotten an older stretch linked to Homey?
I have not yet been able to find it on the forum

Homey, eary 2018. Sw version 4.2.0