My device(Z-Wave 500) registerCapability METER, Error: capability get command failed

I have a product use Z-Wave 500。
homey app run, output Error: capability get command failed for registerCapability METER。

please help me。 Thanks very much!

class d682_zv_Device extends ZwaveDevice {
   async onNodeInit({ node }) { 
    if (!this.hasCapability('measure_power')) {\
      await this.addCapability('measure_power')
    if (!this.hasCapability('meter_power')){
      await this.addCapability('meter_power')

    this.registerCapability('onoff', 'SWITCH_MULTILEVEL')
    this.registerCapability('dim', 'SWITCH_MULTILEVEL')  
    **this.registerCapability('measure_power', 'METER')**
**    this.registerCapability('meter_power', 'METER')**

Is it a BeNext device?

I am having the same issues.

My product is dimmer switch made in HZC homey app.
Is your product also a dimmer device with this problem?