Motorcycle anti theft

Try sensor for car seat in combi with fibaro smart implant i use it for in bed out bed detection works perfect

Not Homey or Smart Home related, but I am happy with this thing:

@Erwin_DeB I do have a good idea…

Just stick an aqara vibration sensor on your motorbike.
(ofc make sure your bike is within your Zigbee range) and everytime you come back home it should automaticly connect again to your zigbee and there you go.

Here is a screenshot of my sensor which i used to determen if my closthes washermachine is finished.

With all these variables you are able to make something nice (IF you would use this keep in mind a motorcycle vibraties quite hard during driving and a don’t know how long the sensor will hold but for €11 you could try)

Yes, thanks Sebas. I called it a Aqara motion sensor, but we’re talking about the same sensor. I’ve put it beneath the buddy seat and it seems te work fine. The reconnecting is sort of an issue, because it can take up to a hour. Fortunately, the reset button on de sensor reconnects it immidiately when pressed. I have a ‘guard switch’ which is a virtual on/off switch, that I switch on when alarms should go off.

Planning on thinking out a more sofisticated set of flows to automate it all, but first I want to make sure it’s reliable for a couple of weeks.

I guess when you get back home and the motion sensor reconnects you probably have a battery change or something and use this value as SET for your alarm.

Resetting is indeed tricky I guess you will need a manual action for this just use a favorite flow to disarm the motor alarm (with android you are also able to make a widget shortcut on your phone screen)

OR using an additional doow/window sensor on the front door and when you leave this activates a timer for like 10min and if motion is detected while this timer runs don’t sound the alarm.

@Erwin_DeB Have you been able to make something that could work for you?

Hi. The Aqara vibration sensor seems to do the job well. I’ve set up a flow that keeps the alarm from going off by setting a countdown timer when I open my front door. Also a flow for when I get home, based on the presence app. No false alarms yet.

But yesterday the sensor wouldn’t reconnect anymore. I got the message that the sensor had left the zigbee network, so I had to reset the sensor.

Nice to hear you’ve found a solution


Been using the anti-theft for a while now and must say I’m happy. I’ve been using the Aqara vibration sensor. There was a range problem at first, but I solved that by connecting a Hue spot, which is outside near my motorcycle, to Homey directly. That way it can be used as a bridge for the sensor.
The alarm is temperarely deactivated when I open my front door. The deactivation is set to 10 minutes, which gives me enough time to get on my bike and leave. If my neighbour stops for a chat, I just have to remember to open my door first, before I move my bike.
When I get back, I have to press the connection button on my Aqara sensor to reconnect it to my network again. Waiting for it to reconnect by itself is not reliable. The sensor is beneath the seat, right next to my lock, so pressing the button is not a problem. I just have to make sure that the bike doesn’t move after I press it. Putting the seat back hasn’t triggered the alarm yet. Seems the vibration detection isn’t that sensitive. For the alarm function, the tilt detection is perfect by itself, but the sirens do yell when vibration is detected :slight_smile:. The tilt detection hasn’t missed a movement yet.

Thanks all for your input. Hope this little experiment helps someone else.

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