Make flow card options adjustable from application

Similar to getCapabilityOptions() and setCapabilityOptions(), I would like to have similar possibility to adjust flow card options from the application.

I have a situation where device specific value limits would be available only after pairing as an API response. I can now adjust value limits for the capability, but not the related action flow card.

Something like

  • getFlowCardOptions() and
  • setFlowCardOptions(‘current_limit’, { max: deviceInfo.current_max })

would be quite useful. Would make defined flow card more dynamic depending on available information from the environment.

Now I need to just use the maximum max value, and verify if the device actually supports the user given value before sending it to the API. This would help user experience as the UI would be consistent with the real configuration.

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Similar situation here too where I have the enum values in the app.json but i would like to change the title according to the API responses


Is this still not available?