Is it possible to share a driver's pair view between multiple drivers? (a la .homyecompose/drivers/templates)

I have a pairing view (html) which I’d like to share among all drivers in my app - is there a location where I can place this html and have all drivers refer to it? I want to avoid copying the same html file across all drivers. it’d be great if you can put it under .homeycompose/drivers/pair or something like that and have a shared driver template define the pairing process (which again, is shared between all drivers)

Yes, it is via .homeycompose.

Add these folders. You have to name the folder with your pair view name and insert a file “index.hmtl”


The file is copied into every device with the correct html file.


Then add this id as pair view in driver.compose.json


This is working similar for repair views.

I also created a pair template…

…that is used as include in driver.compose.json

You can use this app as example:


perfect, thx!