Integration with Worx Landroid mowers

Are there any plans or projects on developping an integration with Worx Landroid devices?

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This request is already done but no reaction.
It is possible to connect google assisent with the Landroid devices a couple of weeks now.
Maybe this is a solutions for you.

Thanks for the follow-up. I did search the forum, couldn’t find a matching result. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have already connected it to google assistant. Although an integration with Homey would also give more insight.

I will also be interested in the integration of Worx mowers :grinning:


I am currently building one, first results are promising. Only for cloud based devices (wifi).

Will let you know when you can get a first shot at it.


That’s really good news.
If you need some one for testing i am inn

That sounds great. I volunteer for testing if you want :slight_smile:

First release is on Homey Community Store for testing.

It is for Landroid, Kress and LandXcape mowers that are cloud enabled.

It will support triggering for all errors and statuses, action cards for all commands, condition for Home (or not).

start and home commands (via on/off).

And display of mower info.

Let me know your thoughts.

If you need something particular, let me know.

Hey Martin,
This sounds great. Can’t wait to try it out. Though it doesn’t show up in Search :thinking:

Look in the community store not in the regular one…this way it gets quicker available for testing…

Martin Verbeek

I have installed the app.
I have at my mower.

If i try to start the mower it saus.

Mower is in alarm state.

It checks if a mower is in alarm state, it does not execute start if it is… Could you check status of the device in the app?

And open to suggestions if you think it is not a good idea to prevent it :wink:

Martin Verbeek

I see the issue… it will be fixed in next update. Could you do a restart of the app, it should be updated then.

Martin Verbeek

Would be great to have the option to restart in alarm state!
my terrain is so uneven that somehow it keeps getting into alarm state which forces me to walk my landroid like a dog sometimes. Automatic restart would be an amazing feature!

And disabling the beeping on trap, man that would be great…

You can do that now. Check for trigger trapped and send command restart in action.

Will look into the beep, but did not stumble across it yet…

I have restarted the app but no update.
I will wait for the fix