I'm trying to call Homey Api on my backend server. Please help

Hi I’m a beginner developer. I have a question.
My backend server is a Java based spring boot server.
I’m trying to call home api, but the official api document only has examples of node.js or javascript.

Is it possible to call homey api from spring boot to java in rest api or is it possible only by opening socket.io to communicate?

Is your question about examples available in another programming language, or about Homey supporting another communication protocol?

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The WebAPI (http based REST API) is primary used for “official” access via Athom cloud. Therefore you need client ID/secret to use the API including oAuth authorization.

But…HomeyPro23 has a local API key generator for “local” API access to Homey itself (not via Athom cloud).
If this is what you need, then you can use the http endpoints to call your Homey via LAN.
Use the local API key as Bearer token.



Example: Get device list:

Take the URL for REST API:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who answered. Resolved it.