Ical app - how to use repetitive event as a trigger

Tried to use ical app to create flows triggered by events. Has anybody figured out how to use a recurrent event to trigger something, without adding for all events another card in flows. My goal is to use the event name, (All Day Event) e.g. Office, to trigger something. But it should be triggered whenever there is the event Office. In iCal App there is only the option to select a specific event on a date and trigger then something, but not based on the name of the event. My idea is. When there is the event “office” (at any day), then do whatever. Any ideas? Thanks a lot for your help

Sorry, only in German.

Hi fantross. OMG, that simple. Thanks a lot. Helps me to understand the general logic of the flows better. I am new and prob not the best in logic thinking :). Best Christian