I need to set a variable in BetterLogic from a HomeyScript

I just need to set a variable in BetterLogic from a Homey-Script.
But it look as if all examples in the net are outdated and I need to use a http fetch request.

But I can’t get it working.
Are there any actual working examples?

Start by asking this in the dedicated Better Logic topic please.

You mean the instructions on the BLL app store page don’t function?

Recent changes for Homeyscript

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Finanly I managed it…
Not much useable docu out there :frowning:

If anyone is searching for the same,
here a working extract from me code:

let BLApp = await Homey.apps.getApp({id:"net.i-dev.betterlogic" });
const resBLput = await BLApp.put({path: '/BatteryLoadState/' + "100"});
console.log ("setVar", resBLput)

let check = await BLApp.get({path: '/BatteryLoadState'});
console.log("getVar", check);