How to structure your flows

Then it happens what?
In this case the trigger is „switch on the heater“ not „If zone becomes active“. So this flow will not be triggered.

Before means what?
You can delete the „Turn off“ below the ELSE.

Before I added the “else” it didn’t turn off when the heater was already running and I opened the window. It only turned off the heater if the heater was off (and I turned it on) and the window open.
I can’t verify this before Tuesday though.

you were right.

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@thobu and if your flow was working with the “else” command, you can also remove the “and” element.

Window open = heater off (whether it is running or not)

  • keep it simple :nerd_face:

Great inspiration, thanks a lot @FKey!
I noticed from your screen shots that you are also utilizing transitions - how do they fit into your methodology?

I guess you can’t use virtual buttons here, so perhaps it looks something like this:

  1. Trigger flow: e.g. When 06:00 Then start transition
  2. Action flow: e.g. When transition changes Then dim lights with value from transition

…or do you have a better approach?

Thanks in advance!

Added a section at the top that was still missing an very usefull.

Grouping sensors to reduce the number of flows

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