How to send a push confirmation from homeyscript

I had a work around.

Step 1:
Make a flow with a notification to your phone.

Step 2: go to Homey Developer Tools
And log in.

Step 3: type: Homey.flow.getFlows();

Step 4: search the flow with search function of your browser.

Step 5: extract the “Actions” everything you will need is in that field.

Step 6 :use await Homey.flow.runFlowCardAction()

await Homey.flow.runFlowCardAction({
 uri: "homey:manager:mobile",
  id: "push_text",
  args: {
      user: {
        name: '<name>',
        id: '<ID>,
        image: '<info of image>',
        athomId: '<Athomid>'
      text: '<Text or variable here>'

If you use a function, don’t use await.
use the ’ ’ and not the " ".

Good luck.