How to get a device dim value?

I give up, tried and read my ass off, but it just won’t happen. -color, and -capabilities are returned correctly.
But I can’t get the dim value of a light, it returns this error:

dimValue: [object Object]

It has something to do with capabilitiesObj:

            "capabilitiesObj": {
                  "dim": {
                        "value": 0.36,
                        "lastUpdated": "2022-07-01T19:57:53.926Z",
                        "type": "number",
                        "getable": true,
                        "setable": true,
                        "title": "Dim niveau",
                        "desc": null,
                        "units": "%",
                        "decimals": 2,
                        "min": 0,
                        "max": 1,
                        "chartType": "stepLine",
                        "id": "dim",
                        "options": {}

What is the correct syntax?
Thanks a mil in advance.


const devices = await Homey.devices.getDevices();

for (const device of Object.values(devices)) {
if (device.class === 'light') {
  if ( == "Spot Keuken L") {

// NOT OKAY: dimValue: [object Object]
log("\ndimValue: " + device.capabilitiesObj.dim );

// OK
log(`\nColor: ${device.color}`);
// OK
log(`\nID: ${}`);
// OK
log(`\nCapabilities: ${device.capabilities}`);


Add .value


Thanks Jeroen!

I was close, while I tried this with no luck. :upside_down_face: