How to do string-operations - if through Homeyscript I need some guidance

Hi folks
I would love to do a bit of string operations and I fear the only way for me to accomplish what I want is through HomeyScript… However, I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it to work.

What I am looking for:
I have a variable with the value “Peter: Visit the library” now I want to remove "Peter: " from the variable so I can add “Visit the library” to the variable named “Peters todo list for today”.

I have been trying to use HomeyScript but since this is my first try, I just can’t get it to work.

It is important to note that I am not a developer, so any coding on my part has to be/will be really simple for me to also know, what I am doing.

I hope someone can help explain what I am doing wrong - or even better give an example of how to accomplish what I want so I can learn to use HomeyScript.

Here is the code I have been trying to use (which fails):

As arguments I input “Peter: ;”@Title

const inputString = args[0];

function removeStringA(inputString) {
  // Split the input string by the semicolon
  const parts = inputString.split(';');
  // Ensure there are two parts (string A and string B)
  if (parts.length !== 2) {
    throw new Error('Input string must contain exactly one semicolon.');
  // Extract string A and string B
  const stringA = parts[0].trim();
  let stringB = parts[1].trim();
  // Check if string A is found in string B
  if (stringB.includes(stringA)) {
    // Remove string A from string B
    stringB = stringB.replace(stringA, '').trim();
  return stringB;

Hi Esben

// Strip name from event
let input = (args[0]);
var res_1 = input.slice(input.indexOf(';')+1);
var res = res_1.split("\"")[0];

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Thank you very much!
I dropped trying to create a dynamic function in which I could just change the spliced input and instead hardcoded the function to the specific name.

It works like a charm now :smiley:

For context:
I am using this with the icalCalendar app but a dedicated calendar is not yet relevant for our child.

Instead I have built a flow, which checks if the event title contains "Peter: " when fetching events from my or my wife’s calendar. If TRUE then I use this Homeyscript and add the resulting string to the variable “Peters todo list for today”.

When Peter gets home this todo list is read aloud by a speaker.

Without this Homeyscript the speaker could read:
“Peter: Do home work, Peter: Go to swim class, Peter: Take out the trash”.

The script converts it to:
“Do home work, Go to swim class, Take out the trash”.

This way I or my wife can create daily tasks/reminders for Peter in our own calendars by simply starting the event name with "Peter: ".

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Thanks! Nice usecase indeed.
Oh, for throwing errors, you could use the ‘error’ output of the HS flowcard.
I’m always having a hard time to add error throwing to scripts somehow :smirk:

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