Homey v2

I just upgrade to homey v2 , is there anyway i can downgrade it ?
Coz a lot of things crop up after the update. I am using v1.5 and everything word well.
Example the

  1. virtual switch wont toggle back. Meaning in the flow i set turn on standing fan then turn off after 1sec. So that i everytime i can ask it to turn on again.

  2. Google assistant, when i call living light on - it turn on fews other lights but not living light. These happened to others thing also example when i called water heater but it turn on my computer. Or either homey is not responding try again. Or either no device found

  3. motion sensor and door sensor - it suppose to turn on my changling light but end up it on my cove light and my door sensor also same… it turn on the wardrobe light but wont turn off as my flow setting.

Pls help as i really need to downgrade it back … althought v2 interface is nicer but many things crop up.

I tried to re-pair the living light but still the same ,when i called living light it turn on downlight.

Long story short.
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