Homey Compose not allowing custom capabilities?

Hi, I am working on an app that uses Homey compose and that needs some custom capabilities. So what I have is an app.json and a bunch of driver.compose.json files and when I run the app, compose automatically extends the app.json from the driver.compose.json files. So far so good.

Next I’ve created some custom capabilities in the app.json file. The problem now is that the composing always removes these capabilities from the app.json! How can I prevent this or where do I have to place my custom capabilities?

@MadMonkey create them as seperate input files in the following location: .homeycompose/capabilities/ see for example:

Note: you don’t need to create the "id" for the capability; since the compose function will add those based on the name of the file.


Thanks that works great! I guess this isn’t really documented anywhere or did I miss it?

There is a section of the file structure in there

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