Homey bridge for keemple(neo)

Hello, I want to buy a Homey Bridge, but I am not sure whether my current devices will work with Homey Bridge (not Pro). My whole house is equipped with Keemple switches, a company from Poland that sells Neo Coolcam switches under its brand and when I check whether the Neo application is installed, it says that the application only works on Homey Pro, while at the bottom it says that it supports Homey 2019, so what’s the final version? how to understand this, the same applies to the heads for the Danfoss lc13 radiator, I have 5. will the devices be neocoolcam, will they work on homey bridge - not pro

The Old Homey’s (2016 - 2019) are also member of the Pro line… but original named “Homey”
So below the App: you need to see only “Homey” that is the Homey (Cloud) and the one that works with fe a bridge or other cloud solutions (fe Tado, NetAtmo, Hue (cloud connected) etc.)

So without Homey Pro (or 2016-2019)
you have access to “only” these (Official) apps in the store

With a Homey Pro (including 2016-2019 model) you also get the Community Apps