Help with "set relative dim-level"

I would be very grateful if someone could give me an example on how “set relative dim-level” works. I have a light switch with the option to “long-press” and would like to use it to dim the lights gradually. If I understand the function correctly, relative dim-level is what I need? Or if someone has a better option that’s fine too.

Check out this recent thread:Relatief dim niveau
Its in dutch, but goole might help you translate.
It also shows example flows.

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Dim to 100% is 100%, 80% is 80%

Relative dim 20% is Set 20% higher then current level. So lamp is on 60% then relative dim 20%, lamp goes to 80%

Relative dim -20%, lamp goes to 40%

Thank you that is very helpful!

Thanks that helps!

So I’ve understood how it works according to the previous messages but for some reason it only works once, what might I be doing wrong? If I turn my light off it’s “shining” at 0% correct? So if I choose relative dim level 20%, it should shine 20% brighter than 0. So far so good. Now if I run the same flow again, I assumed it should change from 20% to 40%, however this does not happen, it keeps shining at 20%.
I know I have chosen relative dim-level because if I manually dim a light to let’s say 50% and run the flow, it goes to 70%. But if I run the flow again, nothing happens.

Any idea?

Can you share your flow? Always better to understand it when seeing the flow

It’s not much of a flow but this is it…

And if your using the test button?

Just tested this. With another trigger or with the test button like Roy stated it works like a charm. Can u try another trigger or, like @RoyWissenburg mentioned, try the test button to see what happens?

I just tried “dim to” and set it to 20% and its actually not as bright as when usin relative dim to 20% from zero…so I guess that’s where the issue is… No difference if I press the test button…

In Holland we say: Meten is weten. Like “not as bright” can mean a lot of things.

Well basically if I turn the light off and then use relative dim 20%,the light dims to about 80%.whereas if I use basic “dim to” and 20%, the light actually dims to 20% which is a lot less bright than 80%


Same behavior. It’s the relative dim that refuses to work in my flow… It just dims to the same value every time and stays there…

Strange the relative dim should work. Can you try, to set the lamp on, for example on 50%

And then a flow if button pressed ,and lamp is on, then dim relative…

Otherwise iam out if options.

Or you keepinf the button pressed always?

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Interesting. I tried what you said. If I use the dim to value first and set it to 20% and after that I use the relative dim and set it to whatever like 10% it works, both with the physical button and the test button. However if I turn the light off and press the relative dim it goes all the way to about 80% so its only from when the light is off that it doesn’t work.

Then it probbely dont know the last percentage, that also explanes what your said that is was going to 80%

So i needs first a normale percentage before it can dim relative.

We learn every day

Got it, I will fix my flow accordingly :blush: Thanks for the help!

Are you using LEDs?
LEDs are hard to dim at the lower %,

It is related to very low load they have (thats why fibaro has a bypass in case you use leds)
(“This Dimmer Bypass makes it possible to dim light sources with minimum power consumption, such as e.g. single 0,5Watt LED”)

I have 4 philips led spots connected to the same dimmer.
When I switch it on absolute to 15%, 2 of the leds go on, 2 just stay off.
When I switch it on absolute to 20%, 2 of the leds go on, 2 sometimes go on right away, sometimes it takes a few seconds and then they pop on too.

My advice: test your flows at higher dim %, if it works fine lower the percentage.