Google Home and Homey

Before to purchase this domotic’s box, I would like ot know if, in order to do some action with google home, we have to say : Ok Google, tell Homey to …".
I don’t wand to say “tell homey” every time, it is too long.

Thank you for your answer.

Before to answer your question… did you took a few seconds to use the search function? Or just come to the forum, and straight away starting to type your question?

Ow and the answer is yes you can just use “hey google turn on…”


Thank you for your answer

yes. The latest versions dont need you to say “tell homey…”

I never took the opportunity to say how satisfied I am with this integration. It really is gr8 combination. I have Nest hub and voice recognition on that is just amazing taken into circumstances I’m not native speaker but nonetheless recognition is 100% accurate.

That said after full google integration and the fact homey can cast to nest hubs, chromecast and similar whole this story is quite neatly done.

Google home and the search button are friends.

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