Flow folders not change/delete -able in 2.x

Quick question

I’m adding and changing some flows in the new 2.x iphone app.

I can save flows in folders i created before (1.x) but can’t delete / add/ change the flow folders.

Is it me? I can’t find any controls to change them.

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try the cogwheel in the upper-right corner.

Can you also change the order there? (can’t figure that out :frowning: )

i can move a flow to an existing folder that way.
Still can’t find where i can rename/add/delete a folder.

where the arrow is :slight_smile:

No, unfortunately not yet (but if enough people report this, Athom will create that :smiley: )

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Your on android i think?
I don’t have any icon in the corner in that screen (iphoneX - see my screenshot in my previous post)). :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah found it!! I was doing it from within a flow. I have to go to the main flow menu. Thanks!!!

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Thanks for confirming :slight_smile: I was starting to doubt myself.


Please add features to add and remove flow folders. I’m sure we’re not the only ones missing this. I have plenty of flows and need to organise them properly.

Uh… if you read a few posts above yours you will see that it’s possible already…

Great! I found it. They hid that feature pretty well :slight_smile:

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I want to use folders for my flows as well to be able to organise them. I read that the feature has been added but if I open a flow I see the option “folder” (map) under the cog. If I select the empty field I only get the option “Nothing” (Niets).

I am unable to find options in the other menus to create folders. Can someone please include the steps of maybe even screenshots on how to create folders where you can put flows in?

Go to the flows page. Click on de word “flows” on top of the page. Click the cogwheel on the top right. Scroll down if needed and there is the option to add folders.

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This! This is what this thread missed!

Thanks for the swift reply :slight_smile: