DoorBird issue - cast video on TV

I have issue with flow to cast live stream from door bird via chromcast. Flow ran correctly but on TV there is still running homey logo as you can see on screen below. The live snapshot is working for flow but live stream no. Could you plese help me what I am doing wrong? I also try to use ip adress with port 80 and without 80 but the same result (on tv just rounding homey logo). So is strange that livesnapshot is working and live video no. My https calls are correct as you can see on picture bellow also:

Many thx in advance


For what it’s worth, this seems to be a Google Chromecast issue and not an DoorBird issue since you are saying the snapshots work fine. Also the action card that is giving trouble is from the Chromecast app. To get proper help you might want to rename the topic.

As author of the DoorBird app I have little experience with casting a snapshot from DoorBird to a TV, hopefully someone else can help you out with this.

Hi Phuturist,

I was trying to solve issue all day and I found it.
Cast website must be with http://… instead of https://.
So now is working as charm.