Delayed p1 power meter data

Is it possible to provide a timestamp for the data of the P1 meter measurement?

I’ve implemented an extension for the Itho Daalderop Spider gateway app to provide information about the connected Smart Meter (p1).

The Spider-gateway is connected to the SmartMeter and sends the data to the cloud-service of Itho Daalderop, my app retreives this data via its API and updates the power_meter (and gas_meature) capability for Homey. However, due to this longer road, the data is significantly delayed. My guess is something like half an hour. The API also returns the timestamp of the measurement, so I can easily correct this, but I am missing a feature to provide a timestamp along with the meter-capabilities.

Of course it would be better to provide real-time data to the meter-capabilities, but unfortunately I can’t get more up-to-date data, so the next best thing would be to provide a timestamp along with the measurement-values. Is there a work-around for this situation? Or can this get added to the capability as an optional field?

for more info, see: Itho Daalderop Gateway - Spiders - #38 by LvanderRee