Creating a app for a zigbee device

Dear Forum People!

I’am trying to create a simple zigbee app.
I have a Heiman motion sensor ( ) i try to config to the app. I’am also updated to the firmware version 5.0 to use the SDK 3.0 . So the app will be working in the future :wink:
I also read the de development page and trying to do my best to understand the technical matter.
So this is the reason i’am trying reach out to you!

On a zigbee device it has different feature like batterie capacity… or device information. Whats is the best way to retrieve those features? is that with the debug mode ? or is there another way?
Also how is the link relation with a cluster of a device? and an endpoint of a device?
Maybe are this stupid questions … But if i know this (simple) solution… the other devices are no issue’s anymore and i can contribute to the community.

I also have created a github what i done already. Maybe the code looks like an amateur, but i’am trying my best.

Please advise what to do.
Jeffrey de Jong.

For technical question the slack channel is also a great source of help