Cannot connect Shelly Door/Window2

I have a working Shelly app in my Homey Pro, perfectly switching five Shelly plugs.

Now I want to connect a Shelly Door/Window2. I have it factory rest, led is slowly blinking. I have it included in my local network and the Shelly cloud using the Shelly app. There it properly reacts to moving the magnet to and from the sensor. It is also visible in the network listing in my router.

Now I want to make it work with Homey. Trying to install it in the Shelly app in Homey (v3.4.8), I can only find a generic ‘Shelly Deur/Raam Sensor’ without the 2, so I selected that (picture 1). Homey reacts with an error message (picture 2). And that’s it.

Anyone knows what to do?

Funny, while the door/window sensor (2) is the only supported version according to this:

What happens if you enter the mentioned IP address in a browser?

Go here to get install- and troubleshoot instructions

Thank you Peter! Found the device’s web interface, that amongst other things gave me an option to do a firmware update. After which I could include it in Homey, and now it works!

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