Both SDKv2 and SDKv3 in app store


I’ve googled and searched this forum but can seem to find an answer to this.

Today i have a SDKv2 app published in app store and i would like to update this app to SDKv3.

What happens to the SDKv2 version when the SDKv3 version is published? Is both live or will SDKv3 take over and require Homey >= v5.0.0 to be installed?

On Homey >= 5.0.0 i understand they will be updatet to SDKv3 version of my app when its published.
But what happens to peoples SDKv2 installations, on Homey < 5.0.0, when SDKv3 is published?

They will stay installed on the latest SDKv2 version they have on their Homey, but if the user uninstalls it, only the SDKv3 version can be installed using Homey v5+

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Put the SDK 2 app in the Homey Community Store and u will have both! :wink: