Bose Soundtouch

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Bose Soundtouch support!

Makes it easy to control your Soundtouch enabled speakers and do for example:

  • Synchronise volume settings between speakers with the volume changed trigger and set volume action
  • Make groups of speakers automatically when a speaker starts playing
  • Set the bass level for the late evenings when you don’t want to disturb your neighbours with your heavy music
  • Set the source options, like AUX and Bluetooth
  • Play a preset when you come home

App can be found here:

Please let me know if there are features you would like to see, but I think most of what is possible is already covered but go ahead and prove me wrong.

First of all, thanks for this app!

I have connected the app on my Bose Cinemate but I can’t select the Source TV or SoundTouch. Would it be possible to add these sources? Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Can you tell me the response you get when using your browser when you visit:
IP :8090/sources

Where IP stands for the IP address that you also used when configuring your speaker in homey. I need this because I don’t own a Cinemate device, and the documentation that Bose provides is very minimal.

Note: your email addresses of the accounts you connected will be visible in that list. If you don’t want to publicly display those details on this forum, feel free to censor them by removing them. I don’t need those.


By the looks of it, it doesn’t show my sources from my Cinemate, but only of my “Wifi Adapter” I have connected to it. I have the following device : Cinemate 120 with the following adapter: Soundtouch Wireless adapter

Here is my IP:8090/sources XML:

{sources deviceID=“08DF1F962932”}
{sourceItem source=“INTERNET_RADIO” status=“READY” isLocal=“false” multiroomallowed=“true”/}
{sourceItem source=“AIRPLAY” status=“READY” isLocal=“false” multiroomallowed=“false”/}
{sourceItem source=“UPNP” sourceAccount=“UPnPUserName” status=“UNAVAILABLE” isLocal=“false” multiroomallowed=“true”}UPnPUserName{/sourceItem}
{sourceItem source=“NOTIFICATION” status=“UNAVAILABLE” isLocal=“false” multiroomallowed=“true”/}
{sourceItem source=“STORED_MUSIC_MEDIA_RENDERER” sourceAccount=“StoredMusicUserName” status=“UNAVAILABLE” isLocal=“false” multiroomallowed=“true”}StoredMusicUserName{/sourceItem}
{sourceItem source=“QPLAY” sourceAccount=“QPlay1UserName” status=“UNAVAILABLE” isLocal=“true” multiroomallowed=“true”}QPlay1UserName{/sourceItem}
{sourceItem source=“QPLAY” sourceAccount=“QPlay2UserName” status=“UNAVAILABLE” isLocal=“true” multiroomallowed=“true”}QPlay2UserName{/sourceItem}
{sourceItem source=“SPOTIFY” sourceAccount="" status=“READY” isLocal=“false” multiroomallowed=“true”}{/sourceItem}
{sourceItem source=“SPOTIFY” status=“UNAVAILABLE” isLocal=“false” multiroomallowed=“true”/}
{sourceItem source=“TUNEIN” status=“READY” isLocal=“false” multiroomallowed=“true”/}
{sourceItem source=“ALEXA” status=“READY” isLocal=“false” multiroomallowed=“true”/}{/sources}

ps. had to reformat al < > to {} due to forum restrictions

Bad news, after searching for a while I came across this topic:

For some of our older products, though, which use the SoundTouch adapter, you are correct that only SoundTouch and Bluetooth are selectable.

Which makes it impossible to add TV as a selectable source…

That’s too bad, thanks for the effort though!

I assume that there isn’t any workaround at my side for this?

Maybe you can program homey to emit the IR your bose remote sends to your speaker? I see no other solution I’m afraid.

Are you able to play a soundboard mp3 via this app and a Bose speaker? Same as in Sonos app?

I’m afraid not. Bose sound touch control api doesn’t support that. Bose has an audio notification api but has a pay per use policy so I’m not going to implement that. I’m looking into playing specific Spotify tracks directly but that has low priority for me.

Good evening.

I just received my new Homey and i am still figuring things out so bare with me :slight_smile:
When i try to connect to my Bose Soundtouch 10 i can fill in the IP adress but nothing happens.
Both Bose and Homey are on fixed IP and within the same WIFI network.

Do you have any tips?

Once you press the save button on the add device page please bare with it. Homey is processing your device in the background.

I’m currently working on some major changes for the soundtouch app to make it fully compatible with homey firmware 2.0 and to give feedback to the user while you are adding your device.

Currently those changes are in beta on the homey app store. This weekend I will probably finish the app and move it to stable so everyone can benefit from those changes.

That is good to hear.
I wil look into of when i get home

After the automatic Update to 2.02 i tried to readd the bose soundtouch 300 but after hitting the save button, nothing happend.

Ow crap… What did you see when you hit the test button?

:slight_smile: the test button changes to the color blue and then nothing.

I see the problem. Gonna fix this tomorrow morning. Hopefully a fix will be available tomorrow evening.

THX!! In the Meantime i bought you some beer or…:facepunch:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

Currently my inbox is flooding with automatic bug reports of users that haven’t upgraded to homey 2.0 yet and can’t make use of the new capabilities like album art. Hopefully I have a fix for those users as well today.


I have just submitted an update that should resolve all the issues with pairing and setting capabilities that aren’t available on 1.5.3. I am not able to test how the app works on v1.5.3 of Homey since I don’t have a Homey with that firmware version.

Flows with devices as argument are still broken on Homey v2 so I’m unable to resolve those problems. These flows should still be working fine on Homey 1.5.3.

Worked like a charm instantly.