Be helpfully and friendly

Lately i also see a lot of topics opened without even search for 3 seconds!
Like the Google Home connection issues. When using the search tool like stated in the welcome post at number 3:

Search for your topic ideas on the forum to see if somebody else already mentioned it somewhere.

, peeps will find lots of posts regarding this issue.

We as moderators have to use the search tool instead, copy the correct links to the topics that are again made and ask again to plz use the search tool. Am not speaking about old forum search but the new forum search which actually works!
If u do not agree with a moderator closing a topic, plz feel free to contact the moderator ( or another moderator) thru PM. If u disagree with another member giving answers u don’t like also feel free to contact a moderator thru PM. Not a good option is to discuss this on the forums. U can also “Flag” a post and then the moderators get a warning about that flagged post.
We moderators are not connected to Athom B. V. in any way. We don’t have benefits for being a moderator in any way. We are not getting free Homey’s or anything else. We are also not getting more info on future fw updates. We do this in our spare time, next to our “normal” jobs.
Am gonna close this topic for above reasons. If u do not agree with that, that’s also stated above.