Automatic Chicken Door with Homey

I made myself an automatic chicken door by using a Popp Valve Stop.



Happy chickens :chicken: → happy farmer :man_farmer:t4:! :+1:t4:

But disappointed foxes ! :smile:

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Looks like a very robust design. :+1:

Not sure if that is rope used for the pull cable.

If so I’d eventually switch it out for a stainless steel cable. Will then literally last forever.

Ive been thinking of a similar concept to allow my Greyhounds to get in and out of my back door when ever they want to go out to the back yard for a pee or poop, say at 3.00am :roll_eyes: uggg

Do you have fox’s around there ?

I used nylon rope … this will stay for a very long time. Stainless steel cable was not flexible enough for the very light door (cutting board from Action).
Here (Bruges in Flanders (Belgium)) we have foxes (not much but one can be enough). About one month ago the neighbour lost 3 chickens that way.

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