Associations maken?


Zou iemand mij misschien op een makkelijke manier kunnen uitleggen hoe ik een motion sensor (FGMS-001) rechtstreeks kan laten communiceren met een single switch 2 (FGS-213). Ik heb nou een flow gemaakt zodra er beweging is dat dan het relais geschakeld wordt. Maar helaas zit hier vertraging op, is het mogelijk om via associations de bewegingssensor direct het relais te laten schakelen? Ik heb behoorlijk wat doorgelezen op verschillende forums maar kom er helaas niet goed uit.

@Pacogssl Associations are one of the big mysteries of Z-Wave! Personally, I am not a huge fan of Associations (in practise rather than theory) - mainly because it is easy to lose track of what is happing with your Z-Wave network and you lose a lot of “granular control” - my best advice if you would like to persevere with Associations is to keep a record somewhere written down!

Actually assigning an Association in Homey is rather simple…

  1. First, make a note of the “Node ID” for the device you would like to control (Device Settings > Node Information)…

  1. Next, open the Settings for the sensor you would like to “Associate” with the device above (Device Settings > Associations) and enter the “Node ID” from above…


WARNING: We do not want to remove “Node ID 1” at any stage - this is Homey! Also, Association “Groups” can change between devices. For the example above, I am using an Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6 - this only has one Association Group - to which we can add up to 5 devices - don’t forget, Homey will take up one of these slots - each Node ID should be separated by a comma ( i.e. 1,72,56 ).

Other devices will have multiple Association Groups, some of which can only have a single Node ID - and are used for various Association tasks - Hovering over the “i” next to each Association field will provide more details on the various Association Groups for each device in Homey.

Here is a really well written overview of Z-Wave Associations.

Final comment… Z-Wave Associations are a difficult beast to master and somewhat complex… I caution to use them sparingly. There are a few instances where they can be very useful (e.g. a Z-Wave Smoke Detector “Associated” with emergency exit lighting - so even if your Z-Wave controller becomes inoperable, these two devices will still communicate) - but to be honest, I have never really found much use for them - again, if you do use Associations, keep track of them somewhere!

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


When i have made a direct association then delete the flow in homey?

Hallo Willem, die kan je er dan inderdaad uitgooien (als de associatie werkt).