App Request: Livolo light switches via Zigbee

What kind of device would you like to be added :
Zigbee wallswitch 2 -wire that fits in EU socket, from Livolo

What kind of category signal would the app use :

  • Zigbee,

Is there a (public) API / documentation or known other implementations (like Blogs/Github etc)

It seems this device links standard via channel 16 so it cannot be added by standard Homey Zigbee functionality
  • Where can this be found?

Are you willing to loan or donate a device to a developer?

  • No


This ist the right way.

Fantross, thank you for your comment. I’ve changed the app request.


Hi there,

i am new to this forum and would like to know if there is a due date for this Livolo app.
Couldn’t find it.

Of course not. The programming of an app is mainly done by members of the community and not by Athom. This happens on a freewill basis and in their spare time.
You may have gone the right way and already placed the request in the right place (App request), but without paying a small donation to the developer the chances are rather bad.
The chances also increase if many users want to use also the device and :heart: your request.

Also waiting eagerly for this functionality.
Livolo has a fantastic productline and it is a shame that homey is not compatible…

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Hope someone with Zigbee development knowledge can look into the feasibility of supporting these in Homey. As I have read in the Zigbee2MQTT documentation the main point for these switches is that they only work on the manufacturers network key (ext_pan_id) and prefer channel 26. Read somewhere else that after being coupled, they do follow to another channel. So keeping these both in mind, would it be possible to support these?

More info:


Hi, I might also like to donate. I just don’t know how? :smile:

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You can’t donate anything, because there is no developer who is developing an app for Livolo devices until now.

The only thing you can do is to upvote the request:

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