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I found the solution, I had to restart Homey… Simpel as that… :slight_smile:

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is it possible to make a virtual device by selecting a group of lights, controlling it as a whole? i can add all the options as I would when adding a Hue light but how do I get it to correspond to the whole group?

That would be a Group rather then a Virtual Device :slight_smile:


However if you want to use the Virtual Devices it is actually flexible enough to do it - you just need to create a virtual device - and then create a flow for every action which triggers the devices you want - set the value of them to the value of the virtual device.

so many apps and devices :wink: thanks for helping. Works like I described as for philips hue colour lights, the white ambiance can’t be added?!

as for using the virtual device app, that means creating tonnes of flows just to trigger a different state the bulb is in? with 15 lights in the living room thats a rather big task ahead… should be nice to just have such a function on the virtual devices app!

It should work with the white ambiance with out any issues (make sure you include light_mode capability). Rather then ‘take over’ the Virtual Devices (VD) thread with Group questions you should ask in the group thread.

And yes in order to do this with the VD app it does mean creating lots and lots of flows full of lots of actions. (Its why we have the group app).

I cant speak as to what new features will be added to VD but I can say the group app v2 took ridiculous amount of limited spare time to develop and test. And I can say generally speaking each Homey app will do one thing, and one thing only. VD handles virtual switches and devices, Group handles the grouping devices.

I suspect that one day Athom will add simple grouping directly to homey as they did with virtual devices.

thats a rather big living room! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

some spots in the kitchen, some lightstrips, a diningtable with 4 lights, some ceiling lights, a few hue go, and some standing lights here and there. not that big of a deal :wink:

thanks for elaborating! it should be nice for Athom to someday implement a lot of these functions/apps but thats for another time and place. Thanks for introducing me to < group > that solves a lot, i’ll have a look at light_mode. I thought i checked all the boxes therefore it should recognize all the lights. Only the coloured lights are shown. I have 10 gu10 spots none of them are recognized.

I’ll have a look later on, you’ll hear from me

ah… you said 15 in the living room…
Ok that makes sense…

Was imagining a living room as a bright as the sun :rofl::rofl:

Anyway… sorry… ignore me

well, my kitchen is part of the living room and most of the lights are for indirect lighting :wink:

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Is there a device available which uses the uiComponent “picker”?


Really sorry to ask such a basic question

I wanted to learn virtual devices and started with temperature. I have a few temperature meters

-wanted to get the actual room temperature in a Thermostat.–

I have been reading this over and over

But im just overwhelmed, did not found more precisions in this post.

I created a vd with temperature meter type
I went in flows
In “when” i put edit: my actual meter/ temperature changed
In “then” i put “set a virtual value”
First card measure_temperature
Second card my temp meter actual temp


Feels like a puzzle where i have to find all kind of missing parts :cry:

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Just select the sort of label symbol

And then select your needed tempature tag


Thanks but you just added a new info to the puzzle,

@RoyWissenburg is this the “when” card to use or just an example showing what a label is?

So the “when” is not the virtual device but a logic??
So i took the logic “when a variable changed” / select an item ,but them i got an empty list “no results”

A step by step would be really helpfull, this guessing game is tiresome

What your doing is feeding the virtuele device with a value, provide from a tag (wich contain the tempature of your sensor)

Maybe try to explane what you want to do with a virtuel device

– the actual room temperature in a Thermostat.–

Like in

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Iam really not sure what you want. But first you need to feed the virtuele device, so when a sensor temp change then set virtuele device. Otherwise it wont store any value.

After that you can use in the when a virtuel device changed…

Thanks, but deeper in details, less conceptual
Can you just tell me if this is correct?

created a vd with temperature meter type
I went in flows

In “when” i put edit: my actual meter / temperature changed with tag temperature

In “then” / virtual device / i put “set a virtual value”
First tag: measure_temperature
Second tag: my temp meter “temperature”