[APP][Pro] Tasmota MQTT

Install an App, assign a user name and password.

Enter an IP , user name and password , topic name on the device.

Seems pretty easy to me…

Though they are two different technologies MQTT is far more simple, reliable and robust , (when the Broker implemented properly).

You might be lucky with your particular setup but I see many many issues with Zigbee with others

Also Zigbee is not unified. An MQTT device can always communicate or control any another MQTT device or broker. Doesn’t matter which company has manufactured it.

Try getting a Chinese Zigbee button to turn on a Philips Hue light. A lot more complicated.

MQTT is basically just a transportation protocol, but there’s nothing standardized about what it actually transports. Could be binary, could be JSON, could be whatever. On top of it you can build a communication infrastructure for devices to be able to talk to and/or control each other, but that’s completely implementation-specific.

For example, a Tasmota device has no idea how to communicate with an ESPhome device, which has no idea how to communicate with a MySensors device, even though they all use MQTT as their transport protocol.

Zigbee at least has a standardized cluster library that’s relatively well supported.

Actually, it’s not. Both devices will likely support the On/Off cluster.

I’ve given up. The developer isn’t answering his messages … :roll_eyes:

Ive only come to the assumption the problem is due to the Homey MQTT Broker as when I use a different broker it works fine. Well except for one small bug with the 3rd party broker I’m currently using in which it reads Wildcards twice for some reason. I open a window it thinks it opened twice…

What other theories do you think might be the possible cause. ? The MQTT client possibly ?

One other observation I could make is the Homey MQTT Broker was written under the old MQTT 3 protocol. MQTT is now version 5 . Perhaps there are conflicts with the newer Tasmota firmware’s which all my devices are now on. Maybe those now require MQTT 5 … ?

(See previous posts for context)

As a customer of Athom i am very disappointed …

I have a major technical problem with my Homey Pro…

I’m fairly sure it is due to the MQTT broker… Using other MQTT brokers my system works fine.

I bit the bullet and went and setup an Rasberrry Pi with HOOBS and installed Mosquito MQTT on it to get my house back to running properly again as the free online broker i was temporarily using did have some delays now and then after using it for awhile. …

Using the Rasberry Pi with Mosquitomy Homey now runs perfect… Its actually more responsive than it use to be… When I turn on a light its near instant response , where as Homey had a slight lag. (before this issue)

The developer of the MQTT broker APP appears to have jumped ship. The app has not been updated in years… The developer’s work on Github has gone to a trickle and he is not answering his messages at all…

Athom can not help with my problem… They have nothing to do with the MQTT Broker app… They will just say contact the developer…

A prime example of how the “whole” Athom business model is totally and utterly flawed… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Bugger this crap…


Is it possible make Homey think that a Sonoff with Tasmota is a garage door/gate rather than an on/off switch? What I mean is that I would like Homey to refer to the switch as a gate so that instead of having it on or off it would be opened or closed, ideally it would also tell me if it is opening/closing. I have a door/window sensor connected to the Sonoff. It currently works well in Homekit (HAA soft) but I would like to add it to Homey. Then potentially present it in Homekit as well.

Check: Sonoff Garage Door Opener : 8 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

hello, I can’t add devices through this app I state that I have installed mqtt which I already use for sonoff, only that when I go to add through the app I click on tasmota and the loading continues to run without response
depends on what?

Homey app MQTT Client installed?

installed there is mqtt broker

Don’t know if I understood you right, but you need these components:
mqtt broker on homey or other server
mqtt client app + mqtt tasmota both on homey

You need :

  • MQTT Message Broker (either in or outside of Homey, I recommend outside because the Homey version has some limitations and bugs). This has to be same MQTT broker you use for your Sonoff devices.
  • MQTT Client app in Homey to send & receive messages to your broker
  • Tasmota homey app, which uses the MQTT client app to send and receive the tasmota specific messages

ok i solved i thought it was enough mqtt broker now with mqtt client it works thanks

Hello Pavlo, i think this app is the solution for my Sonoff units with Tasmota on it, but i can’t get your App working the way it shoud. When i try to add a unit i got the message follow instructions and a spinning wheel with the text loading and that will never stop. The same as Noxeus (300) and Mark22 (313) had. Any idea how to get it working?

Ayone else have an idea how to fix this?

Without trying to sound negative this App seems to be abandoned.

We haven’t heard from the developer for about 6 months now.

That’s half a year … :roll_eyes:

Does anyone one know what’s going on with it ?

Pavlo was doing a really good job there for awhile trying to catch up on Homey’s Tasmota support after it was previously abandoned by the last developer, but unfortunately it now looks like he has gone the same path …

If the App was 90% complete it wouldn’t be such a problem but it really needs a lot more work to get up to standard.

Same here, anyone got an idea on how to fix this?


I don’t remember where I saw that, but I have read something tell tasmota version 6.x is recommended.

I think it’s related with Homey because I have 2 SonOff 4 channel Pro R3 in v6.7.1.
One since few months and I add the last one last week and they work perfectly.

I don’t know if it can help.

That’s just for the Sonoff app, not for this (Tasmota) app.

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Hi all,

I’m using this app to log data from some sensors. It works pretty good, devices are found and show readings. However, I’ve noticed that PM2.5 readings from Ikea Vindriktning sensor and PMS5003 sensors are displayed wrongly as ppd instead of µg/m³. This leads to Homey not being able to make a graph, because graphing isn’t supported for ppd values.

Tasmota view:

Homey view:

Device capabilities:

\lib\sensors.js holds the default unit value for each sensor type, so I can make a pull request to update it so it matches the true unit notation of the sensor and it will become µg/m³.

However, maybe the right/easiest way would be that Homey would support graphing of ppd and ppb values.

@robertklep notified me of the fact that this app doesn’t seem to have the capabilities set up in the right way: measure_particulate_matter.pm2_5.{sensor} intead of measure_pm25