[APP][Pro] Sensibo - Air Conditioning and Quality

V. 1.4.1 with support for timers and a trigger for Climate React changed.


V. 1.5.1 with a trigger for AC state changes:


Just wanted to say what a great great app this is. Don’t quit understand what climate react ads extra. Can someone give me an example?

Thanks :-). Well, I don’t own a Sensibo myself… so I guess I’m not the right person to explain Climate React for you…

@Rrrr might help

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Just search in the Homey forum where I’ve explained.

And have a look here:


V. 1.6.1 with a triggers for timers.


Thanks to @balmli we have now great control over our ACs with Sensibo.
Sensibo’s own app is very good, but this integration can provide additional controls.

I would like to share with you how I benefit from the integration. It helps control features with Google Assistant through Homey that you cannot do with Google Assistant directly through the Sensibo app .

For example: Setting/Deleting timers with GA (not shown), Climate react with GA (not shown) and automatically enabling/disabling Climate React (example shown below).

Climate React (CR)
For this feature, please see Sensibo links in previous posts above. Personally, I prefer to use CR even if the ACs have their own climate control settings.
Two kinds of ACs are mostly sold:

  • On/Off AC
  • Inverter AC
    You can read about the differences on the internet. Of the two, the inverter AC is quite good at efficiently keeping room temperature, but I still experienced it could get too cold or the AC climate control setting wasn’t precise enough (1 degree of precision instead of 0.1 degree of precision with Sensibo CR). Sensibo CR allows you to guard a min/max temperature (and humidity).

CR setting in the Sensibo app
The optimal target temperature setting (the one that is displayed on your AC) is an important choice here, but with my inverter ACs, I set it about equal or slightly higher than the CR trigger temperature that starts cooling. It is counter intuitive, but this maximises the inverter’s built-in climate control and minimises the number of on/off events while guarding min and max temperatures through the CR.

Automatic CR: example flows in Homey

  • As soon as an AC turns on (trigger is Sensibo On), also CR will be turned on;
  • If the AC turns off (trigger AC state changed) as a result of:
    a. a timer or schedule (both can be set in the Sensibo app);
    b. a command from GoogleAssistant;
    then CR is turned off.
  • When CR is turned off (trigger CR changed), the AC will be turned off.


Huge thanks to @balmli for this app!
My AC doesn’t have an automatic mode and it isn’t shown in the Sensibo app. But in this app I have off, heat, cool, dehumidify and auto.

Could you please add an option to remove auto? And my use case is 100% cool mode so an option only show that would be awesome!

If I turn it on from homekit it turn on auto which does nothing…

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Great app! Only missing silent mode in the fan level options. Is it possible to add this mode?

Any chance the new Presence React could be added?
With Presence React ON the new motion sensors coming with the new Sensibo Air trigger the A/C state or Climate React state.

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In the next version, you will be able to select between the different modes that your Sensibo supports, from flows.

The “thermostat mode” visible in the Homey mobile app has these modes: Automatic, Heat, Cool, Off, and they are the ones that are supported by Homekit. Changing this might break something for other users. It is not this app that switches to Automatic when you turn on from Homekit. Might be Homekit maybe (?)

Yes, in the next version you will be able to select between all the fan levels that your Sensibo supports, from flows.

Yes, if the Sensibo API will support this, ref. Sensibo API Overview for Sensibo Sky - Sensibo support

Version 1.7.1 with dynamic lists for fan levels and modes when setting from flows, is now ready for testing:

Please test :slight_smile:


Hi all
Could anybody explain me what I’m supposed to do to get an api key ? I don’t know what I’m supposed to write in api key name case ?
I own a Sensibo sky
Thanks in advance.

It’s in the beggining of the topic the instructions.

I’ve seen that but what do I write in there ?


I tried to write down Homey as it looks like it has no importance, but when I try to add a device in homey after having installed Sensibo App and add the API key, there is no device availbale to add.
Need a bit more help.

It worked !!

Don’t know wht but now it works !!

Thanks anyway

awesome app. but il think its missing something, or i just cant find it.
I cant figure out how to put it in just " fan mode" .

I have automatic, heat, cool, and off.

Possible to add just " fan" ?