[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

I don’t belive the root couse is the Shelly app, but the way Homey store and forward values.
It’s not the only app that have this problem. Tibber also have the same use.
I tried to log the vaules coming from the Shelly app, and it’s alway inceasing or reset to zero by the time the vaulte is writable to the log, this is logging is trigger by the flow. It’s seem like the problem is when the Homey restart or ether the PBTH or Shelly app get upgraded to a new version.

Manually resetting the device, when the value goes to zero on the device, never triggers this bug.

Sorry for my bad english, and not clearly making it understud where the real problem might be.
But I get your point, if the problem lay with the Shelly app, they need to fix it. And I’ll raise my consern with that usergroup now. But if the problems seems to be how Homey handels stored values, are you able to help ?

I have several energy monitoring apps myself (plugwise p1, plugwise2py, youless, beeclear). Also I use tuya zigbee plugs. All of them working perfectly, never resetting to 0.

I think this problem is only with devices that resets them self to zero. But for some reasion manage to add 0,01 kWh hours in the app, before reporting it to homey. Or there is an delay in the readout from Homey. Other devices that have NVRAM for Power meter works without any problem. Only Shelly and Tibber Puls have this problem. And both reset them self to Zero, Tibber every night, and Shelly randomly.

One quick fix can be to have the PBTH to have a below 0,1 kWh istead of 0 when it looks for a reset ?

Anyway, I made a ticket at Shelly forum too, thank you for looking in to this :slight_smile:

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Hi @Gruijter thank you for great app. Would you please check the CZ electrity prices? They are not loading now.

Current prices here

Did it ever work in PBTH? If not I might have to change the bidding zone for CZ.

I dont know since I havent use app from beginning. But tried couple of weeks before and now with no luck. Also asossiation with PL a bit confuses me, because czech exchange is not particuparly connected with polish. I checked that polish does not work too. Many thank to lookinto it. I will be switching to spot prices and would love to manage Victron solar inverter via Homey.

ok, I need to fix the CZ price source then. Will be included in the next update if all goes well :slight_smile:

New version 4.8.2 was just released.

  • Fixed CZ DAP spot prices.

@Daniel_S this one is especially for you :kissing_heart:

The source of the CZ pricing is coming from here: Data view

Wow Robin, that was quick! You get quick beer on Paypal :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

Thx very much for your donation!

Cheers :beers:

is this one helpfull to get EGSI in your app: https://www.powernext.com/data-feed/132735/139/17


Anyone knows how to change the “Actual tariff per kWh” setting? I can’t find a flow card for this.

It is an app flowcard, not a device flowcard.

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I really love your app. Perhaps not doable but I have an energy contract (electricity) that has a new tariff on the first of the month. the company doesn’t have an adequate app so I never know how I stands about the cost. Is there any way to put this in your app?

Not automated in the app. But if you know the new tariff ahead of time you can setup a flow that pushes the new tariff to the PBTH devices exactly at midnight first day of the month.

Don’t know if others have wanted this too, but I can see a big advantage in having the hourly price for the last hour (Price -1H) available. I know I can fix it with e.g. a variable, but it’s not quite the same :wink:

By the way, thank you for a great app, it is absolutely central in my small and humble smart home setup.

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Hi Robin,

  1. wanted to ask, how the price updates work. Is it hourly one call for data? I am curious about the tomorrow prices. Now they are live, but homey dont see them yet. Its not a problem, just want to understand. Many thanks.

  2. And second question regarding the AND flows. I see the two similar?

  3. Third I tried to flows to test them. Honestly some description would be perfect. The one “The price is one of NUMBER lowest of today” - I would asume if I put “3” this would trigger when this hour became the price (NUMBER) 1st lowest, or 2nd lowest, 3rd lowest. However, this triggers every hour, so I do not understand what is the logic :slight_smile:
    E.g. how do you interpret following?

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Some advice/guidance please…

I have a device connected to Homey the Victron Battery Management System

What I really want to do is track the cost of kWh taken from the Grid.

ie 99% of my electricity is imported from the grid between 21:30 - 02:30 each day.

That all happens at £0.0825 / kWh anything consumed outside of those hours is at £0.4004 / kWh.

I have been trying to use PBTH but not using it right and getting some rally funky results.

Any guidance would be extremely helpful - thanks

Have you tried info from first post?

I thought I had